Tuesday, May 14, 2013



I know I'm running late on this week but I was back in Mass over the weekend and am just now getting back into the swing of things...and somewhat caught up on sleep from my 7am flight yesterday morning. 

Alas, I'm back at it and this week...

+ I've discovered I like the garden center. As a child, I always hated going to the farm or garden or wherever mom got her flowers from. However, I realized this year that I did not in fact hate the shopping component, I hated the whole planting aspect. Lucky me, we didn't have time for that. I just got to walk around outside and pick out pretty flowers like azelas, roses and more. Color me a very happy girl.

+ I'm going to try and not fall behind on my blogroll...and actually try and comment on posts I like.

+ I'm in my last week of my 3 week challenge. Next week, I know we're getting ahead of ourselves, I plan on giving a bit of summary of the challenge and maybe even some fantastic results, let's cross our fingers.

+ I'm angry with Under Armour. I was waiting a package which I thought I accidentally discovered I mailed to my parents house. However, upon arriving home and them not having it, I realized the package what somehow returned and my account was refunded. A little confused. I'm thinking I may go check out the New Balance Heidi Klum line just to spite them.

+ I need to make some appointments i.e. spray tan, eyebrow wax, etc.

+ I'm trying out some new wardrobes with all the new clothes I got while I was home. I was feeling kind of sick of everything so I'm very excited about my new additions. P.s. When my mom says let's go to Lord & Taylor, go to Lord & Taylor, they had some GREAT stuff and even better, a lot of it was on sale.

+ My aunt and uncle got me a J.Crew Gift Card. [Thank you!!] I just cannot decide what I want to get with it but I'm thinking I may splurge on the Eta Pumps. To be determined...


Currently -
Listening: Phillip Phillips. My mom really likes him and got a song stuck in my head.
Eating: ehhhh I need to go grocery shopping
Drinking: water, and plenty of it.
Feeling: bad for my puppy, he hurt his foot and is in a cone. He is not a happy camper.
Wanting: to go see The Great Gatsby
Needing: see: eating
Thinking: the Heat sucks
Enjoying: being back in Chicago. It's weird how this place has become home over the past 2 years.
Wondering: How Ted met his children' mother...I haven't watched last night's episode yet. Shhhh.

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