Monday, April 1, 2013

This week...

I'm BACK. I apologize. It's been awhile. I got back from Florida last Tuesday morning and it's kind of been a whirlwind ever since - between Passover seders, work events, and more, I was barely home, and without any time to blog. But I've got a light week ahead and plenty of exciting things to report.

This week...

+ you'll notice a change in my domain, which is down, mark your bookmarks

+ i'm also in the process of working with a designer to redo this silly blog of mine. I have to pick out blog samples I like, colors, patterns, etc to give her some direction

+ i'm excited to get dressed with my newly organized, and color-coordinated, drawers and closets

+ i'm going to break passover: probably with a soup with NOODLES in it and I'm thinking some sushi at some point too

+ i've been feeling utterly gross lately from lack of eating healthy  there used to be a time when i loved cooking, and everything i cook is pretty healthy. i think it's been a year since i've really regularly cooked for myself and i'm trying to change that...april 1 sounded like a good day to start: i'm cooking shrimp for any tips to keep it up? or for what to cook?

+ i'm also starting to train for this summer's races: a 10k and a 5k. i'm using Hal Hingdon's Novice Program...hoping this helps with how gross i've been feeling

+i've got a couple of work meetings that are exciting but a little nerve wrecking

+ i'm going to book a few flights home, i miss my puppy...and my friends are going to come home with me at some point

+ i'd like to get back to taking #ootd photos

+ Mad Men comes back...are you going to watch? 

+ i'm planning to start reading Mansfield Park

+ p.s. happy april fools!

Currently -
Listening: Maroon5, Owl City & Neon Trees, concert this coming weekend :)
Eating: scrambled eggs, i'm on a big egg kick
Drinking: water, living on the wild side
Feeling: a little bit gross, it's been awhile since i've felt really healthy
Needing: to paint my nails and toes...badly
Enjoying: as stated above, that Mad Men is coming back...with a 2 hour season premiere
Wondering: if I can even handle running 2.5 miles straight this week...eek

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