Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Once again

I had a regularly scheduled post today and it will appear like usual tomorrow. But today, as I sit still horrified by the news of the horrible tragedy in my city, it didn't feel right to allow this blog to continue on as normal once again. Sadly, I had to say once again. And once again, this one feels pretty damn close to home. 

It's funny, Boston is the foundation of this very nation, a place where you can take the Freedom trail and rediscover the many great things about this country. A place that to me, always stood for home, in addition to all those great things about the United States, our freedom, our rights, our safety, things that are the exact opposite of the tragedies we experienced yesterday. While we have no idea how this happened and who may have done this, as many people who have come before today all learned and as history has shown, the spirit of Boston, and America as our license plates state, cannot be crushed and you don't mess with Boston.

So today, I'm dedicating my post to Boston, the the wonderful people who responded to yesterdays tragedies, to the victims and their families, to those injured, to those who had to experience such a horrible tragedy first hand, something which I can't even imagine, to State Street Bank for moving my brother to their Quincy office, rather than the Hancock Building, to everyone who has reached out to my family and me to make sure that everyone is okay [I appreciate it more than you know] and to a someday when I won't have to say once again. And to tell all my readers, I love that dirty water. Oh, Boston you're my home....

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