Monday, April 8, 2013


Last week, I'm not sure where, but somewhere, I read someone describe one of their favorite things about Chicago. She wrote about the April phenomenon that I think could only really happen in a place like Chicago where suddenly as soon as April 1 comes around, everyone comes out of hibernation. It may not be summer weather yet but suddenly everyone's acting like it is.

And, she's completely right.


This past weekend, and this coming week kind of epitomize just that. I think it's because it's finally bearable to be outside, the sun is out after work and suddenly the days seem so filled with possibility.

It's supposed to rain all week, which may make all of this below hard, but you know what they say about April Showers, they bring May flowers.

+ I plan on bursting out of bed. Well, I've taken a bit of advice and moved my clock out of arm's reach, confession: i just moved it to the other side of the bed on the opposite night stand, but so far, so good

+ I signed up for a Mini Marathon in Madison, so my training, which I started last week has gotten a bit more challenging, and I'm finally discovering what a runners high is...and loving it

+ Something about the spring season makes me excited to put together outfits in the morning, so my outfits of the day should be improving, last week, I wore heels to work two times

+ I should finally have some feedback on the mass amount of work projects I've been working on for what seems like forever

+ I'm going to watch the NCAA National Championship, with a pretty good chance at winning some money at the end of it

+ I suppose I'm going to start my depression of the off season of college sports. What shall we do?

+ I'm finally going to catch up on The Good Wife

+ I'm going to be productive, cause the season and weather just makes me want to

Currently -
Listening: I heard your voice in a dream - Jeremy Jordan/Katharine McPhee
Eating: It's a scrambled eggs kind of morning
Drinking: Passion Fruit Ice Tea, I suppose from now through September I should refer to this as the usual
Feeling: a litte bit sore, a week of running after 6 of not running at all will do that to you
Needing: to grocery shopping for all the ingredients for these
Enjoying: LIFE. I got a fortune cookie this past weekend that told me something great was going to happen in the home soon...I've decided to believe it is going to, or at least will it to, come true
Wondering: Who's going to take home the National Championship tonight? What do you think?

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  1. Fun list! Mini-Marathon? I need to sign up for one of those! And definitely catch up on The Good Wife as well! I'm like 2 seasons behind!