Monday, April 29, 2013


This going to be a great one. 

+ The weather here in Chicago is supposed to be beautiful today, tomorrow and Wednesday. 70s and sunshine. I'm just hoping my bedroom doesn't get too hot, it's all windows and my building hasn't switched on the A/C yet.

+ I'm starting a 3 week challenge with my trainer. The goal, to loose a minimum of 4 pounds and 3% body fat. The plan, working out 6 days a week and having four of the six being high intensity interval training and two of the six being weight training. My trainer made all the HIIT work outs for me, they look pretty terrifying.

+ I'm in search of a new salad place. Our regular spot, Leafy Greens, closed this weekend. They were perfect for make your own salad, I mean huge salads, fresh chicken, salmon and tuna, gracious hands when adding ingredients, and all different kinds of soup. We're kind of devastated. Anyone have any replacement suggestions for us? Looking in the East Lincoln Park area.

+ I said I was going to do something last week and didn't do it. I didn't buy new music yet. But I'm going to do it this week. Got any suggestions?

+ It's the return of event season and I have two this week: Drop Media Preview Party and the New Odyssey Corporate Showcase.

+ This coming weekend is going to be filled with plenty of activities: Lymphoma Research Fund's Derby Party and a friends birthday party in the bleechers at Sunday's cubs game.

+ P.S. If you don't yet have plans for Derby, you should check out my client's, Chicago q, awesome party. Tickets are still available. [I know, shameless plug]

+ I'm going to look to see if I can somewhere find a fascinator before Saturday. Any suggestions? I'd love one like a Philip Treacy.

Have a good week everyone!

Currently -
Listening: Ben Taylor, he's so soothing.
Eating: Leftover soup from Flat Top last night. Yes, I get the hot & sour soup and I love it. I wish i had more of the broth to add to it today.
Drinking: Skinny Vanilla Latte. Confession: I've just recently discovered these.
Feeling: invigorating....which sometimes happens on Mondays, sometimes it doesn't though.
Wanting: to paint my nails. I'm thinking of white and glitter.
Needing: to get my watch battery replaced
Thinking: about what to get Barb for mother's day, other than me coming home of course :)
Enjoying: my tan! I LOVED spray tanning and will highly recommend to anyone. I may soon be an addict...uh oh.
Wondering: how time flies and it's about to be May?!

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