Monday, April 22, 2013



I'm hoping this week is going to be a normal one, cause last week certainly was not. At all. However, I'm glad that that's all over now. I'm glad everyone's safe and sound, and those who were injured are recovering. While we may move on from last week, I know we'll never forget the events of last week. I certainly won't.

This week...

+ I'm going to start running again. I had to take off last week because I completely lost my voice. Yes, friends, I'm starting to love it too. I've finally discovered what they mean when they say runner's high. The feeling afterwards, it's the greatest.

+ Speaking of running, I'm going to download some new music, it's been awhile and I could use a GOOD running playlist. Got any suggestions of songs? Requirements: a good beat and great lyrics

+ I'm also making my trainer do another equifit. We tend to do them monthly to see my progress, I think by Friday I'll be feeling good about this one, just not right now seeing as this weekend wasn't GREAT

+ I'm cleaning out my make up. I read last week that 75% of women don't clean out their eye make up making them more susceptible to eye infections. And I'm as guilty as the rest of them. SO I've decided I'm going to clean it alllll out and get rid of all my old mascaras and eyeliners. And by the way, there's nothing better than new mascara.

+ Work's going to be crazy. One of my coworkers gave notice last week so I've taken on a few more clients...and a few more projects. I even have an opening this week.

+ My best friend from college is coming to visit from Nashville and I'm VERY excited. BONUS: I'm going to get to show her around Chicago making her job application process easier because she's planning on moving here this fall!

+ I'm thinking of treating myself to a massage...and while I'm there, I'm going to look into airbrush tanning. One of my co-workers and maybe an episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami has kind of convinced me that my pale skin may really like it...that and I've decided I'm going to be a sun screen person this summer

+ I'm finally going to start reading a new book, most likely Mansfield Park, I know I said I was going to do that a few weeks ago and have been procrastinating

+ I may or may not have the shopping bug...okay I have it. It's dangerous. 

Currently -
Listening: Ben Lee, it came on in Walgreen's yesterday, forgot how much I love him
Eating: I picked up a Michael's Salad in Highland Park yesterday :)
Drinking: Water and the Mighty Leaf Tea I stole from the Standard Club last week
Feeling: a little overwhelmed for a Monday morning, this weekend felt like a VERY quick one without enough time to decompress from last week
Wanting: to be a 4 day week, it's not
Needing: a good cuddle session...with Dunkin preferably, he's been cheating on me with the stuffed animal I bought him for his birthday
Thinking: About my to do list for the week, it is Monday after all
Enjoying: my hair...I got a cut and color last Friday!
Wondering: how my review is going to go this week, can't believe it's been a year since my last one


  1. I love getting all new makeup! New mascara I really need to pick up!

    1. It's the best, now I just need to find time to go hit up Ulta/Sephora/Dept Stores