Monday, March 18, 2013

This Week


I have a feeling this week has the potential to be either a really long or really short week. I just haven't determined which yet. 

+ My mom and dad are coming to Chicago tonight for a few days. Dad has a conference here so I'm excited to be able to spend time with them

+ And on Thursday night, the three of us are going to fly to Florida to visit my grandparents

+...dear old Dad even splurged and purchased first class tickets, yesss.

+ and mom's bringing me a new book to read.

+ I have A LOT of meetings this week. Some have been moved around, some are new and some are their regular standing days and times. But somehow, they all seem to be occurring this week. It's going to be a busy day confirming them today. 

+ As indicated by bullet number two, I'm taking a few days off and headed to where it's sunny and warm. There will most likely be some delicious food, relaxing, swimming, shopping, chatting, hanging with family, etc. while down there.

+ March Madness BEGINS. After spending the weekend at the UC, I've come to know these boys: Mike, Sam, Trevan, Jared, Ben, Frank, George and even Ryan [Yes, I did just refer to the Wisconsin basketball team by their first names. Judge me, I also refer to a certain former Forward as my boyfriend sometimes, okay, all the time.] and I cannot wait to see them kick some butt in the tournament.

+ I'm in the process of spring cleaning and redecorating. I'm loving some of the details so far like our re-styled bookshelves, including a bar shelf!

Currently -
Listening: Les Mis soundtrack, there's been so many commercials and its just so good
Eating: maple brown sugar oatmeal
Drinking: water with a splash of lemon juice
Feeling: well rested, believe it or not, it was one of those weekends
Needing: a trip home to see my puppy
Thinking: About my bracket, who to pick, who to chose.
Enjoying: that it's only a four day work week, for the next two weeks
Wondering: how Red Panda, yesterday's halftime entertainment, can throw bowls from her feet and catch them on her head while simultaneously riding a unicycle.


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