Monday, March 11, 2013

This week...

I have a confession. I'm writing this on Sunday afternoon from my bed. Today, was one of those rainy days where it committed to being rainy, which when it comes to rainy days are my favorite. It's also one of those rainy days where its not too cold and the rain feels good as you walk on the streets. It's one of those rainy days that I truly look forward to, one of those days why I love spring. And believe it or not, spring is almost upon us. You can feel a definite change in the air. Chicago's beautiful tulips will soon bloom, winter coats and boots will soon be put away. I'm not a spring person, but today, I'm looking forward to it.

This week...

+ My life is coming back together. As I mentioned last week, I lost a few items, i.e. my computer and my wallet, and slowly each day, I open the mail to find a something new to replace the old.

+ Speaking of making room for new things, this week begins spring cleaning and I plan to purge myself of unnecessary items: clothes, food, old magazines, etc. I'm quite looking forward to the new process.

+ I'm going to print photos. I've lost a lot of photos in the past week. Which reminds me of all the great photos I do have and want to share.

+ Traci, my roommate, is leaving us for greener pastures i.e. a job with Disney and sunny LA. As I write this, she and her mother pack up her stuff. It's quite bittersweet. What an adventure me, amy and her have had this past year.

+ Our new roommate will be moving in a few weeks. She's a pastry chef, so get ready for delicious goodies on instagram.

+ I have a lot of activities: Traci's Goodbye Dinner, Book of Morman, RJ Grunts and St. Patty's Day. As I said before, you can tell spring is coming and the return of many weekday activities will be back before we know it.

Currently -
Listening: Currently re-downloading spotify as we speak
Eating: I finally went grocery shopping today but tonight, we're ordering Hema's Kitchen
Drinking: A glass of water, a bottle of snapple and about to make some tea
Feeling: gloriously lazy yet productive
Needing: absolutely nothing
Thinking: apparently a lot about spring
Enjoying: movies in bed
Wondering: Why they picked 2 a.m for Daylight Saving Time?

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  1. I might need to come over during this clothes purge to see if you're getting rid of anything good :)