Monday, March 4, 2013

This Week...


Shh...don't tell anyone. I'm in denial that's Monday! This week, and this past weekend, is about getting things done. It was productive, so was last week. My body even got used to waking up at 7:30 am. I know, I can hardly believe it either. And after going through it this week, I realize my 101 list is going down!

This week...

+ I'm starting a new book: Thinking about stealing Gone Girl from Amy.

+ Am no longer putting things off for later: like finally bought a Cocoa and Hearts painting & iphone case, like a few items from Bauble Bar and new Brooks sneaks, thanks Fleet Feet. What do you put off?

+ I'm researching a way to make my photo intensive blogposts less scroll intensive...i.e. looking at slideshows...which is also making me bite the bullet and get on the list for a great designer to redo this little blog of mine. And, I've finally reached out to this girl to take on a re-design.

+ I'm going to be sharing some more writing heavy blog posts. Sorry or you're welcome in advance.

+ I'm getting excited for spring cleaning. I'm going to use it as an opportunity to go through all of the apartment, do a little decluttering, do a little redecorating and probably throw out a whole lot.

+ Did I mention I'm VERY excited for spring and VERY over winter.

+ We'll also be in the process of renewing our lease for another year. I can't believe how fast a year has flown by.

+ I'm getting creative and getting a dear friend a gift I know she'll love for her birthday.

+ I'm dying to see Oz.

+ My weekend visit to J.Crew got me inspired for a whole new week's worth of outfits, check my instagram to see the fun.

Currently - 
Listening: guster and dispatch, as a reminder to myself to buy the concert tickets
Eating: i'm sure this wont shock you, cottage cheese and cantaloupe 
Drinking: diet peach snapple
Feeling: like it's a monday and I have a lot of work to do
Wanting: a good cuddling session with Dunkerdoo
Needing: to go buy my March birthday cards
Thinking: about a big project I have to tackle today
Enjoying: the pretty pink daisies on my desk
Wondering: when the spring weather is going to come

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