Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Then it blew up

Yes, ladies and gentleman. Things were going quite well.

Work and the rest of my life were ebbing and flowing in harmony.

Shit was bound to hit the fan.

And oh boy did it hit.

First, after dressing like spring on Monday and preparing myself for what I thought was the world finally coming out from under winter's covers, we got right back in a snow storm bringing 10 inches of snow to downtown Chicago.

Then, it wasn't bad enough for a snow day, slash cancelled meetings.

So, as I trekked my way, some jerk decided to sneak in and steal my laptop and wallet.

Some Jerk.

It was weird though. A year ago this incident would have brought me to irrational, i-want-my-mom tears. However, a year later, I must be growing as I, in completely shock, mentally prepared myself for the tasks at hand: call all banks, call all credit card companies, call insurance, call police. I even started the process without the guidance of dear old mom and dad.

Perhaps I'm growing up. (Remember these freak outs?) Perhaps my anxiety meds are reallllly working. Perhaps we'll never know.

But what we do know is that life goes on. You get a new computer, after having to illegally park because you have no way to pay for said parking, you even recover a majority of your files and eventually new credit cards will appear in the mail. You go back to blogging per usual.

And, you even get a brand spanking new toy...

...a back up drive.

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