Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Apartment LOVE: Bradley Agather

I always tell people that I write my blog for my mother. So she knows I'm alive. And each day, I am both shocked and humbled to find than others have stumbled upon this. I'm grateful for all of you, whomever you are.

Another reason I write my blog is for myself. It's a source for me to write and journal. It's a place for to share things I love. And also, to save things I love. I know they say the biggest thing about a blog is original content, which I do like to share. But often times, my original content is regurgitated content from other sites and blogs. 

For instance, these apartments. They've been featured elsewhere. But I've regurgitated it in my own way. These apartments, I share with you because they are things I love but I also share them as a way to save them. So one day, when I move or get married, or decide to take on a craft, or a recipe, or whatever they may be, they are saved somewhere. 

This apartment is the apartment of Bradley Agather courtesy of GlitterGuide. And lucky for me, and my someday apartment, she's even shared the sources for much of it. 

So I hope you enjoy, and allow me to share some of my savings for someday.

p.s. regurgitated is a really gross word.

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