Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This Week...

Happy Tuesday! This week...I have a confession. It's Tuesday and I'm already exhausted. Probably because I flew home from NYC yesterday morning at 745 EST, i.e. 645 CST, ie I had to get up at 515 EST, i.e. 415 CST i.e I'm tired.

That was a lot of i.e.s.


I digress. This Week...

+ As stated above, I'm recovering from NYC. It was fun, relaxing and just a little bit crazy, and a lot of bit of drinking.

+ I have super bad blisters. Do you know if someone can be more prone to blisters? I seem to ALWAYS have them.

+ I'm quite far into Pride and Prejudice for the hundredth time and loving it, yet again.

+ My roommates moving so we're throwing a going away party to send her off.

+ I need to catch up on last week's TV shows...shh no spoilers.

+ ...and last week's blog roll!

Currently - 
Listening: The Les Mis Soundtrack, it's just too good and Aaron Tveit is just so pretty
Eating: Scrambled Eggs and avocado
Drinking: lots and lots of water
Feeling: a little bit of pain, thankssss blisters...not
Wanting: someone else to magically unpack me from this weekend
Needing: to be productive and catch up on work from my day off last week
Thinking: about what I want to get with my $50 gift cards to J.Crew
Enjoying: being back in the grind: am workouts, homemade dinners, etc.
Wondering: Is it Friday yet??

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