Monday, February 11, 2013

This week...

Geez. The weekends just fly by and before you know it we're back at Monday morning.


This week...

+ slash today, I should wish my co-worker, Carly, a very happy birthday. Welcome to 25, keep it warm for me!

+ I bought myself orange roses with little purple flowers, cause a girl needs roses on Valentine's Day

+ I promised my trainer I'd give him my meal plan up front - M: cottage cheese, avocado, tomatoes and cucumbers, Vegetarian Italian Wedding Soup, Spinach-stuffed Chicken and Artichoke. T: scrambled eggs, Vegetarian Wedding Soup, Honey Teriyaki Chicken and Salad. W: hard-boiled egg, tomato and avocado, Chicago q, Trader Joe's Miso Glazed Cod and Brussels Sprouts T: Scrambled Eggs, Salad, Pizza...and that's as far as I've gotten

+ As mentioned above, I'm spending Valentine's Day eating pizza. Dimos, aka Ian's, is celebrating Soup on a Pizza Month, because we could all use a little something extra comforting to make it through the lingering days of winter, their words, not mine, and has two specials I just have to have:

French Onion Soup Pizza with a soup base grilled onions, gruyere cheese and house-made seasoned croutons

Tomato Soup with Goldfish with a tomato soup base, cheddar cheese and Goldfish crackers

+ After this past weekend, and this past bullet, I'm going to try and cutback on my dairy intake, I had another one of my lactose intolerant episodes yesterday morning and they are NOT fun

+ I'm headed to Madison to see the Badgers play OSU. By the way did you see this? and this? Love me some Badger Sports. It just goes to show how competitive we truly are and could beat anytime on any given day. 

+ I'm going on my second grouper, and by the way, I still have not yet been approved. I applied November 27. If they weren't so fun I'd boycott and stop going on my friends with them!

What do you have planned for this week??

Currently -
Listening: Sweet Thing by Van Morrison
Eating: bullet number 2
Drinking: water
Feeling: a little bit sore from last week still but I love feeling sore
Wanting: a really good working out week - heading to the gym after work tonight
Needing: some retail therapy, I haven't shopped in awhile, and I have the urge....when do I not have the urge?
Thinking: about my to do list for the week
Enjoying: my TOMs wedges. I forgot how comfy these guys were
Wondering: who Sean will send home on the Bachelor tonight...please be Tierra, please!

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