Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Glitter Moose

I finally did it.

It being this craft that I've been talking about for quite some time. And, it was quite easy.

I'd one day LOVE to have a faux taxidermy on my wall. Like this one. And all of these. Which color would you get? I'm also writing this as a hint to my parents who currently have a cows butt and leg faux taxidermy coming off their mantel that I hate. HINT HINT.

For now, this is pretty cool though....and a great addition to my gallery wall. Next up, by the way, will be a Cocoa and Hearts piece, when they go back on sale.

And, by the way, BONUS, this project is super easy. Took maybe about 15 minutes tops, not counting drying and hanging.

What you'll need:
 - White Canvas
 - White Paper
 - Computer Printer
 - Pencil 
 - Glitter (I chose gold but you could do whatever)
 - Glue
 - Paintbrush

1. Print out Moose on Computer Paper. I used this one.
2. Cut out stencil

3. Trace stencil onto canvas with pencil

4. Fill in drawing with glue
5. Pour glitter over canvas
6. Shake!

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