Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Monday Morning

How it always comes around? And today, feels like a Monday. It probably doesn't help that almost everyone else in the world is off today, sleeping in, relaxing and not working. Not I.

This week...

+ I have a 4 day week, and it's not, as I said just a second ago for President's Day. On Thursday night, I'm heading to NYC to see one of my best friends, Rachel. We have plenty planned and by that I mean probably some eating, shopping and working out. Sounds like the perfect weekend....and I'm in need of some Rachel/Carly time.

+ My hands are beyond super dry. They are at the point where you can feel it and it's even a little itchy. Putting on lotion feels like putting cold aloe on a fresh sunburn or a cold shower on a hot day. It's quite glorious. Do you have any tricks to keeping your hands moisturized in the winter?

+ I'm going to continue with my Lent pursuits. Each year, I typically give something up for the holiday. Yes, I know, I know I'm jewish. But this year, as I tried to figure out what I wanted to give up, which really was alcohol, I decided instead to embrace something: working out. So for the next 40 days, I'll be working out 6 days a week, needed to give myself one day for rest. 

+ I'm on the hunt for a few things: fun frames, I want to add more to my gallery wall and perhaps put up some of my postcards from abroad on there.

+ I want to make a few unnecessary purchases i.e. stop holding off for some day on sites like One Kings Lane, Gilt, Joss & Main, and yes, Etsy.

Bring it on, Monday.

Currently -
Listening: It's a throwback day: Maroon 5 Songs About Jane Album
Eating: healthy!
Drinking: Ice's warm practically 50 degrees outside
Feeling: a little bit sore, lots of standing and driving and being active and not stopping all weekend
Wanting: a day off, just an extra hour of sleep would have been very helpful after very few hours this past weekend
Needing: more levels in flow, my newest iphone app/game addiction
Thinking: about how out of place Fall Out Boy & Phillip Phillips were performing at the All Star Game
Enjoying: the glory of yesterday's Badger win. Did you see this dunk? I didn't know Evans had that in him.
Wondering: when I became so out of touch, i.e. The Harlem Shake, and why this is the newest internet phenomenon, really why?


  1. Fun post! In love with that sweater!! I always try to do something instead of giving something up for lent! Good luck with your workouts!

    www.Blog, Inc. Giveaway!!

  2. Oh how I love that sweater! Such a fun twist on a common sweater. I'm trying to 'give up' potatoes (chips, fries, etc), we'll see how that goes. Good luck on your pursuit!