Monday, February 4, 2013


Well now that professional football is over for the year, we can all get back to more important things like college sports: football, basketball, March Madness, need I say more?


This week... 

+ I'm going to buy my February birthday cards, two months in a row of sending cards, I'm becoming my mother and I'm okay with it

+ Like last week, I'm going to work out 5 days in a row. I'm feeling pretty good, my bestest friend and her friends are doing a challenge, which consists of drinking 8 glasses of water a day, working out for 30 min, etc. etc.) and I'm pretty certain I'd win and was not allowed to enter. 

+ I have a lot of activities. It's restaurant week here in Chicago so the roommates and I are hitting up Picolo Sogno Due tomorrow, which also means I'll be checking off another thing from my 101 list. We have a Grouper on Wednesday and Thursday is a JUF bar mitzvah, which by the way, included a candy bar in the fee. What?

+ We'll also be celebrating a dear friends birthday with sushi and drinks on Saturday night. Color me excited.

+ It's almost the end of my credit card bill, which i've been trying my hardest to keep low this month i.e. no shopping

+ ...which by the way, has been quite hard for me. Did you see this that I instagrammed last week? I so so so love J.Crew for this, and it appears they love me back. Stay tuned as I plan to show off some of my favorites from their spring/summer line on the blog this week!

+ I'm hoping to not work as late as I did last week. I've been preparing for a few rather large pitch projects, one of which is today, wish me LUCK!, so last week was a week of late nights doing power points and press releases. 

+ I'd like to blog my latest craft, yes ladies and gentlemen, I FINALLY made the glitter moose. There is also glitter all over the apartment

+ ...speaking of, our fairy godmother, i mean, cleaning lady is coming back this week, as soon as I schedule her in. I love her, it's quite unnatural. Chicagoans, if you need a great cleaning lady, I would highly recommend ours, she left our apartment cleaner than when we moved in

+ it's been snowing a lot this week, finally, and it so pretty when it's coming down. It's supposed to snow more this week so stay safe and warm out there, Chicagoans.

Listening: Confession- I'm still listening to The Pitch Perfect Soundtrack
Eating: Scrambled Eggs with avocado
Drinking: 8 glasses of water, DUH!
Feeling: happy :)
Wanting: new couch covers, I looked how much new ones would cost and as much as I'd like to redo everything, it's not exactly in the budget right now so couch covers may at least solve the stain issues now
Needing: to print pictures, it's been awhile...and a general trip to Walgreens would be smart, I'm out of some face wash and as stated above, need cards 
Thinking: about making the move and decided to adopt a dog this summer BUT I'm also feeling kind of sad about it too because I don't want to cheat on Dunkin or make him feel like hes not number one anymore :( Are there people out there with two dogs? What's it like? 
Enjoying: the snow
Wondering: what I should name my dog, which will likely be a boy...I've had a lot of different ideas i.e. something to with Madison, Boston or England so far: Grainger, Badger, Austen, Boston, Fenway, ?? 

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