Monday, January 21, 2013

This Week...

Happy Martin Luther King / Inauguration / Mon - Day!

This Week...

+ It's a cold one, expecting a high in the teens today...eek! But also some snow. I have a theory: if it's going to be cold, it better snow!

+ I'm hoping to sneak away to watch some of the television coverage of the inauguration

+ I'll be working out with my trainer 3x AND hopefully on the off days too.

+ and I promised him I'd plan my meals ahead of time. Tomorrow - B: 2 Hardboiled Eggs, Half Avocado, Tomato. L: Trader Joe's Minestrone D: Left over tilapia and salad. Tuesday - B: Cottage Cheese with Tomato, Cucumber and Avocado L: Trader Joe's Lentil Soup D: Curry Marinated Chicken with Salad. Wednesday - B: Scrambled Eggs, L; Sushi at Koi D: Leftover Chicken with Salad. 

Crazy, I know.

+ I'm hitting up one of my client's anniversary dinners.  

+ I'm hoping to convince my father to plan a trip to Florida for me to join them on.

+ I plan on buying tickets to the Northwestern vs. Wisconsin Basketball and also to the Big 10 Championship Games in Chicago.

+ I am going to TRY my hardest not to snooze. Well, just not snooze too much. I'm not so great at that. We'll see how that goes...

+ I would like to start a new book, haven't decided which quite yet. Have any suggestions?

+ but I also have a lot of magazine reading to catch up on.

+ I have no plans for the upcoming weekends and thoroughly ENJOYING it. This past weekend, I confess, I barely left the apartment just a trip to the roommates house in the suburbs and to the movies to see Silver Linings Playbook.


listening: the OC soundtracks, because they never get old and are so so good.
eating: see above.
drinking: my newest tea, Orange Rooibos, from my best friend
feeling: good, it was a nice and relaxing weekend.
wanting: as stated above, a little snow, if it's going to be this cold.
needing: to get air in my back driver's side tire, it's been low for awhile. I've been procrastinating.
thinking: I should start taking #ootd photos again. Hold me accountable: to the right.
enjoying: our clean apartment, Amy and I spent awhile cleaning it yesterday! 
wondering: if there's a secret to dry hands, mine are super dry this time of year.

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