Monday, January 7, 2013

This Week {Birthday Edition}

It's is going to be a busy one. There's a lot going on and I'm okay with that. I want to preface by saying this, I'm not a huge birthday person, heck, I'm not a birthday person at all. [I do, however, like presents, a lot.] I used to cry when people sung to me. I just never liked the attention....and where do you look when they're all staring at you singing? 

This week...

 + Television is BACK! Revenge, The Good Wife, Scandal, Downtown Abbey, yay!

 + I will enjoy leftovers. Amy and I made a delicious turkey chili over the weekend.

 + I'm going to jump out of bed every morning, we have a lot to do so I'm going to need the jump start

+ I want to start a new book, and finish another Jane Austen. I'm thinking I want to read my way through this list. (7 down, 13 to go)

 + I'm doing a cleanse. Yes, I know I've done one in the past and had negative experience. But I'm doing it as research for a client. Originally, I signed up to pick up the juices on Tuesday, thinking I could cleanse Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. HOWEVER, I learned yesterday morning that my juice pick up is not available until the afternoon. Color me annoyed

+ we're going to a Bulls game!

+ I'm going on a friend's Grouper. Have you heard of it? And yes, I signed up a few weeks ago and have yet to be approved or matched. Am I really that difficult?

+ I'm going to be spending money like it's my job: a Mexican vacation, tickets to Second City, Book of Morman and a Northwestern vs Wisconsin Basketball Game, new sneakers and more! I'm also thinking I'd like to treat myself to a massage.

+ I'll be celebrating my birthday with dinner at Sunda and Second City friday, potential brunch outing, ice skating in Millenium Park, homemade dinner and party Saturday and a rooomate's surprise on Sunday. Any guesses? All I know is I'm busy from 4:30 - 8:30.

+ I'm going to eat cake.


listening: Ronan Keating - When you say nothing at all
eating: scrambled eggs for breakfast, turkey chili for lunch, michael's salad for dinner
drinking: water, and lots of it
feeling: excited about the week
wanting: as stated above, a good massage
needing: a birthday outfit, maybe
thinking: how gross it is that my roommate and I sat yesterday surrounded by our apple products: laptops, iphones and ipads
enjoying: how this January's been going, I had a good feeling about it
wondering: if you've seen my boyfriend yet? He's been staying with me.

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