Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! & A Few Resolutions...

Hope everyone had a fantastic night. I spent mine at Fatpour, which by the way I recently discovered is a Madison bar, woot woot, with a few close friends. What did you do?

Now, because my birthday and New Year's tend to happen around the same time, it's always been hard to set yearly resolutions and have them separate from my yearly ones. Plus, I also have this list! So I'm trying to set some general goals for New Year's. What resolutions are you setting?

1. Become a Real Person
I always say I need to become a real person. It has been nearly two years since I graduated college, crazy. So what does that mean: get up at normal hours (7-8 for work, 8-9:30), eat healthy, work out on a regular basis, run errands regularly, cook dinner, drink less alcohol and more water, etc.

2. Communicate More/Better
I'm not the best communicator. I think it's because I communicate for a living that I have a hard time communicating outside the realms of 9-5, well actually my hours are 9-6. So I'd like to start becoming a better communicator in my personal life. I resolve to stay in touch with friends both in Chicago and beyond, send birthday cards and presents, answer the phone, even when I don't know who's calling, listen to my voicemail, respond to personal emails in a timely manner, etc.

3. Learn to Relax More Efficiently
I've never been good at relaxing. I get it from my father, just ask my mom. I tend to need a timeframe on how long I'm going to be doing nothing. I like to always be moving, and if I'm not, I tend to just be plain lazy. there's no middle ground here. So I'd like to learn how to relax, enjoy the bliss of something unproductive like reading more, getting massages more frequently, maybe even stretching, turning down electronics at night, etc.

4. Take More Chances
What do I have to loose? Absolutely nothing.

5. Knock off at least 25 things on my 101 list

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