Friday, January 11, 2013

Come Fly Away // Across the USA

Today, I'm over on elembee talking about my home state of New Hampshire!

When Lisa first posted on twitter that she was looking for a blogger from New Hampshire and explained to me her Let’s Fly Away series, I’ll admit I quickly said yes, but was a little hesitant. Which is why, I’m going to start by telling you the story of how I came to fall in love with New Hampshire.

“Live free or die, baby!” Yes, my parents have been known to say that. You see, I grew up in small town Massachusetts, in a town called Andover, just 25 minutes North of Boston and 15 minutes South of New Hampshire. Andover is home to centuries of history, a adorable little downtown area, a pretty well known prep school and a whole lot of fantastic memories.

Yes, I grew up as your typical New Englander…feel free to insert your own stereotypes here…
 + a fantastic, read: aggressive, driver
 + a wicked Boston Red Sox fan
 + and Tom Brady, too
 + Denali/North Face wearing
 + vacationing on the Cape and the Vineyard
 + and going up North to the mountains on the weekends
So you know, no, I do not have a Boston accent, pronounce my Rs. [It does, however, come out when I am yelling on the word Room, in case you were wondering] and since leaving Massachusetts 7 years ago, I’ve dropped the word wicked from my vocabulary.

However, two years ago, when I moved out for good and transplanted myself in Chicago, my parents dropped this bomb on me, “We’re moving to New Hampshire.” What? They were moving to the place we went to each weekend as a getaway? To the South of the North? The place where we went to escape civilization? Where shopping was scarce? Needless to say, I was resistant. That was until they moved and it occurred to me how fantastic New Hampshire.

You see, New Hampshire is located smack dabbed in the middle of New England.
 + located just North of Massachusetts, laden with both history and metropolis
 + located just East of Vermont, home of the Green Mountains and maple syrup
 + located West of Maine and the Atlantic Ocean, home of lobster and some of the freshest seafood you can find anywhere
This new home of mine was the perfect combination of everything I loved about where I’m from.

New Hampshire is made up of a variety of different regions. There are the Lakes Regions, the Mountains, the Seacoast and more: 
 + the White Mountains with the ski areas that I learned to enjoy the wind at my face and how to maneuver through racing gates and with the sledding hills where I fell off my tube
 + the Lakes Regions, where I attended camp for nine years, where I learned how to sail and get up waterskiing.
 + the Seacoast, where I’ve enjoyed many a fresh lobster and steamers, where I’ve built sandcastles and chased the waves.
And, There is the Merrimack Valley, where my family calls home, where there are shopping malls with no taxes, bike paths with brunch spots along the way, where there are hometown eats from fresh seafood to delicious Bertucci’s pizza and my favorite Fattoush salad and where there are farmers markets and fairs, farm stands and ice cream shops, and fireworks over the water.

New Hampshire is everything you love about vacation and everything you love about home, all rolled into one.

Top Must Sees:
1.     Fall Foliage
2.     The White Mountains
3.     The Ocean
4.     Nature, [yes, I swear I’m a city girl but nothing’s better than a good hike to a great view or one of New Hampshire’s waterfalls]

Top Must Dos:
1.     Indulge in Fresh Lobster & Steamers at Markey’s Lobster Pool or Brown’s Lobster Pound in Seabrook, NH…and get the whole belly fried clams
2.     Visit Zeb’s General Store in North Conway, NH
3.     Take advantage of tax-free everyday and hit the shops
4.     Be adventurous! New Hampshire is the perfect place to ski, snowboard, snowmobile, bike, bike and swim, sail, boat, kayak, waterski and more

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  1. we should probably be blog friends because there are very few new hampshirites :P loved reading your feature!