Thursday, January 17, 2013

A few thoughts

I apologize, this isn't really a post. More of a journal of sorts, that I'm sharing with all of you. It's sappy. Sue me. Someone who once meant the world to me has been hurting and it got me thinking about a few things.

First - about life
About how it's so stinking short. I feel like every other week something horrible happens and even to good people. And how places and things, and especially people, disappear too soon. 

Second - about time
About how things that at one time seemed so important now seem so small. Like high school relationships, like having the best clothes, like petty fights with friends, like high school grades. But at the time, they seemed so important, like they were the only thing in the world. Like how, someone who once meant the world to me, I can barely know. 

I started trying to figure out how to explain who people from my past were, especially with this someone I've already mentioned. At one point in time, which seemed like years, this someone was everything. Now, those years seem like maybe just a few months in the greater scheme of things. And how these people who seemed so significant during a point in time are not even part of my life today. And how that happens, and how it's sad. But also in a weird way, how it also kind of makes me optimistic, about now and about the future. And that it's okay if we choose to romanticize the past.  

Third - and how it goes on
You may not realize it at the time but it really does.

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