Wednesday, January 9, 2013

24 things to do before 25

25 always sounds like a big number, a quarter life, and turning 24 makes me only 1 year away from turning the big two five. So I better get down to business and start doing all those things I've been putting off for a rainy day.

  1. Learn to say "No" to myself, and not feel guilty for it
  2. ...and say "yes" to things out of my comfort zone
  3. Become a real person, explained last week, getting up on time, drinking water, eating, and cooking, regular meals, etc. etc.
  4. Remember: Just because it fit at one point, doesn't mean it fits now: old jeans, old clothes, old boyfriends
  5. Re-design this blog, maybe even buy a domain
  6. Buy more off etsy and other small shops
  7. Learn to be okay with "I'm sorry"
  8. Disconnect from the world
  9. Find a doctor in Chicago
  10. Meet someone to get excited about
  11. ...and because I have too many weddings in 2014, get a boyfriend 
  12. Join the Wisconsin Alumni Association
  13. Clean through my wardrobe with a fine tooth comb
  14. ...and find new ways to mix it up in new outfits
  15. Read more
  16. Learn a new skill: calligraphy, photoshop, etc.
  17. Make an address book with birthdays
  18. Take and print photos
  19. Stop comparing myself
  20. Recognize my own freedom and independence
  21. Stay current: on music, gossip, news, technology, politics, economy, etc.
  22. Go on a real vacation
  23. Learn to buy myself the big presents
  24. Celebrate my 25th Birthday somewhere fantastic!

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