Monday, January 28, 2013


Happy Monday, readers! It's been a long weekend mixed with fun and festivities, including pretending it was my 21st birthday all over again, yes I am 24, and productivity and catching up on Zzzs. I EVEN made it to the gym two times this weekend....and stretched. Who am I?

Now, if i only I can continue to make strides throughout the week.

It's also been a cold week in Chicago with last Monday's high of 8 degrees. This week, we're anticipating a mix: including ice storms, rain, sleet and cold on Monday and Tuesday, the highs of 60 on Wednesday quickly followed by 20s and snow Thursday and Friday. Ladies and gentlemen, I dare you not to get sick.

This week...

+ I kicked things off with an 8 am workout this am, hoping that a Monday wake up call with help me not snooze through the rest of the week. Last week's goal of not snoozing was an UTTER FAILURE.

+ I'm loading up on Vitamin C to make sure I don't get sick and Vitamin D cause apparently I'm low in that.

+ I'm hoping to finish up Sense and Sensibility

+ I am going to continue on my weekly meal plans - just after I go to the grocery store was too cold and gross for my usual Sunday adventure to Trader Joe's.

+ I hope to only spend money on my groceries. Last month's credit card bill was rather high, I'm trying to keep this month's in check

+ I plan to book a trip to visit my best friend in NYC for February

+ I am excited because the parents and I are heading down to Florida in March for a few days....and Erics flying us first class. He's the best :)

+ I can't believe February starts

Listening: The Pitch Perfect Soundtrack...if you follow me on twitter, you know that I did watch that movie 3 times this weekend and have developed a pretty hardcore crush on Skylar Astin
Eating: Scrambled Eggs
Drinking: Water with a splash of lemon juice
Feeling: like I should probably tell you: the photo above, is not me. Bet you could figure that out with the dead giveaway on finger number 4.
Wanting: to catch up on GIRLS with the roommie, we haven't watched the new season at all yet and we sure do love Charlie
Needing: the zit on my face to go away, ew
Thinking: about an RFP I'm working on, you know you're excited about a new client when you do research on the weekend
Enjoying: few after work activities this week i.e just one
Wondering: if I can afford new furniture...our couch is a messsss with stains.

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