Friday, December 21, 2012

The shortest day of the year

it's here. Today. The shortest day of the year. This morning, the sun rose at approximately 7:15 am and will set at approximately 4:30 pm. Making today 9 hours, 7 mins and 43 secs of light long. That's 1 less second than yesterday and 3 less than tomorrow's predictions. It also means that today is the official start of winter. And with that, I've decided not to bring you 101 reasons, as honestly, I think I've ran out of ideas (see here), but instead bring you beautiful images (via pinterest and of dunkerdoo) of the season. However, now, you are not allowed to judge me when I reuse these photos again.

Now, I leave you with this. What you make your list of 101 reasons you love winter?

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