Thursday, December 20, 2012

The counter

White we're on the topic of kitchens, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite kitchen tools, as well as the essentials.
  1. A Kitchenaid stand mixer (I currently own one in candy apple red and LOVE IT) but I think the copper would be match perfectly in all those grown up kitchens
  2. The Kitchen Aid Mini Food Processor. It's PERFECT. Small, easy to pull in and out and gets the job done
  3. A blender. Necessary for my protein drinks...and margaritas
  4. A stand mixer, this one, I'd consider an essential BUT I have to be honest, if I'm not using my stand mixer, it's because I'm using my arms and getting a work out in. I never take out my handheld.
  5. Immersion Blnder. My aunt bought me this and it's perfect for making soups.
  6. A French Press, I've always wanted one of these, they're just so fancy. Ina uses hers all the time.
Others items, that you may or may not always think of:
- A good set of sharp knives, I just got a new pair on Gilt
- Creuset Dutch Oven 
- Cast Iron Skillet
- Microplane Grater
- Food mill, I like vintage looking ones

What kitchen items do you require?

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