Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kitchen Envy

When I scour pinterest, I get a severe case of kitchen envy. Ok, I get a severe case of kitchen envy often. I love a beautiful kitchen. I think it's because growing up, the kitchen is where we gathered. It was where we had family meals, where we did our homework, When I came home from college, it was where we sat and talked...and it still is. There's something comforting about the kitchen. It's where I spent the most amount of my time, and probably still do, although less so around the kitchen table these days [i'm not a fan of mine right now]. To be utterly cheesy, it's where meals and memories are made.

Ok now, I do have to admit I'm not sure I know EXACTLY what I prefer in a kitchen. I LOVE LOVE LOVE White Kitchens. I know you aren't surprised there. BUT - I also love love love...
+ white, pale yellow or blue walls
+ dark accents
+ grey cabinetry
+ or often, mixed tones in cabinetry: grey & white, white & dark wood, etc.
+ surprising light fixtures
+ big island
+ different kinds of surfaces
+ fancy backsplashes
+ Viking appliances
+ hardwood floors
+ a touch of greenery
+ natural light
+ country style
+ bookshelves for cookbooks
+ farmhouse sinks
+ a nice bar area
+ the smell of freshly baked cookies

Also, I've added my pinterest board, aptly titled, "Kitchen Envy," for your viewing pleasure.

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