Monday, December 10, 2012



First of all, today is my roommate's 24th birthday so I want to begin by wishing her the very best of birthdays. It's been a weekend of festivities.

This week,

+ I am working out 3x...and next week...and hoping to eat healthy enough to make up for the past two days...let's just say its not been healthy: Pequod's pizza, Kraft Mac 'n Cheese, Alcohol and more. Oops.

+ I enjoyed one of my favorite kind of rainy days...the kind of rainy day that commits to being rainy and you can just sit in bed or on the couch. The roommates and I spent yesterday watching Elf, Home Alone 2, What's Your Number and Cruel Intentions. I'll call it a success.

+ It's snowing!

+ We finally have a cleaning lady, who is not me, coming to clean the apartment. Color me excited.

+ It's going to be another busy week at work, although not as busy as the past few! I have a few upcoming projects, all of which are VERY exciting.

+ I'm hoping to make a trip to Nordstrom Rack to check out the shampoo, tights and Vince departments....ok I'll be checking out all the departments, let's be serious.

+ It's Chanukah! Have you been lighting the menorah? Because we sure have!


listening: James Taylor Radio on Pandora, that soothing voice is makes mondays bearable
eating: Vanilla Flavored Protein "Shake"
drinking: Chai Latte with Skim's number 26...hello, gold status!
wearing: you know where to look
feeling: like this winter's going to be a good one, just a feeling I have.
wanting: a long weekend, it's rough in winter when they are so frequent yet far between
needing: a good cuddle with Dunkerdoo
thinking: about what I'm going to order for dinner at Carnivale
enjoying: life
wondering: how I'm still a little full from the weekend


  1. the cleaning lady is the best update ever! next condo, i'm getting one :) happy hunnukah!

  2. i wish i could have snow flakes every day!