Thursday, July 28, 2011

101 Reasons I LOVE:


1. pretty flowers
2. the smell of suntan lotion
3. watermelon
4. dining al fresco
5. beachy hair
6. no coats
7. daylight at 8 o'clock
8. days spent on the lake
9. orange creamsicles
10. 03841 memories
11. summer rain
12. fireworks
13. walking outside
14. long lazy afternoons
15. fire pits
16. flip flops
17. boys in pastel shorts
18. ice cream runs
19. mini golf
20. fresh berries
21. every weekend feeling like a vacation or staycation
22. barbecues
23. roasting s'mores
24. sundresses
25. colorful bags
26. the scent of fresh cut grass
27. playing on swing sets
28. taking the dog for a walk
29. froyo with chocolate sprinkles
30. farmer's markets
31. dry clothes after being in a bathing suit
32. painted toes
33. talking into fans
34. summer beers
35. strawberry rhubarb pie
36. swimming
37. bright colors
38. being at terrace at memorial union madison, wi 53703
39. j.crew's summer collection
40. murdich's fudge
41. corn on the cob
42. cool mornings
43. summer songs
44. lazy mornings
45. sprinklers
46. driving with the windows and sunroof open
47. the smell of the ocean
48. water sports
49. laying outside in the grass
50. grilling out
51. summer tv shows
52. frozen drinks
53. martha's vineyard
54. lobster
55. refreshing breezes
56. sunfish sailboats
57. air conditioning blaring while under the covers
58. boys without shirts on
59. flowy tops
60.summer thunderstorms
61. reading chick lit
62. fidors and baseball hats
63. cold showers
64. saltwater taffy
65. markys lobster pound
66. cool cotton sheets
67. iced tea
68. thunderstorms
69. road trips
70. making ice cream
71. sidewalk sales
72. sheer, pretty make-up
73. fresh salads
74. barefoot feet on warm pavement
75. outdoor concerts
76. summer blockbusters
77. white shorts, pants & shoes
78. taking pictures
79. fresh herbs
80. art fairs
81. boating
82. jean shorts
83. water slides
84. sunflowers
85. whole belly fried clams
86. staying inside, blasting the ac & watching movies
87. lemonade
88. huge sunflowers
89. pre-season college football talk
90. sunglasses
91. coffee brownie chunk ice cream at benson's
92. dressing like a hippie
93. watching baseball games
94. tans
95. hammocks
96. lying on a floating wooden platform in the middle of a lake
97. sitting outside gossiping
98. water games
99. the clam shack
100. anticipating fall
101. sunshine

*Confession: Summer is actually probably my least favorite season. If you didn't notice, the beach appeared no where on that list. I'm NOT a beach person. Ugh Sandy. Sorry Barb. As My Father always says, you can escape the cold by putting on a sweater but you can't escape the heat! Just you wait until you see my, 201 reasons I love fall post! I'm thinking pumpkin and thanksgiving and...well, you'll have to wait and see now wont you?!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Task: Pick Up Prescription

The Task: Pick Up Prescription

The Location: Walgreen’s Pharmacy.

For some reason, every time I walk into Walgreen’s my shopping list expands as I peruse the aisles. Aisles? Yes, because those are conveniently the only way to navigate to the back of the store where the pharmacy is located, at least at every Walgreen’s I’ve had to go to for a prescription. And of course, I have to choose which way to get there. I only go down the interesting aisles: the make up, the food, the magazine, the shampoos, the soaps, the nails, you get the point. And I can’t discriminate so I have to go down them all.
Subconsciously, or I’ve learned from experience, I grab a basket and I’m off. In the make up & nails aisle, I grab whatever Essie color I’m digging that day (Walgreens carrying Essie may have single handedly changed my life), a new lipgloss and lipstain, some cotton balls and anything else I saw in one of my usual magazines or blogs. In the food aisle, my purchases depend on my hunger level. Sometimes I pick up just a drink, a Diet Peach Snapple or diet Arnold Palmer or bottle of water. Other times, I grab a granola or candy bar to cure any possible hunger, which could be in my future. Then there are times, I realize I haven’t been grocery shopping in ages so I stock my basket filled with all the cereal I’ve run out of, a new jar of Peanut Butter and anything else they may have that I use. In the shampoo & soap aisles, I’m a big smeller. I grab every soap bottle to see if anyone has come up with anything better than what’s already, Olay Body Ribbon Wash Blue and Johnson & Johnson Nighttime Bath Wash, resting in my shower. Sometimes I just grab a new product and test it out. Then I’m sure to check the price on the bumble and bumble shampoo (another great addition to Walgreens’ line) just to see if there is any kind of price reduction since the last time I was in and if they have bubble bath, because that may be the hardest product to find anywhere. I dare you to look, and if you’re lucky, please let me know when and where or a send a bottle my way. Then lastly, in the magazine aisle, I grab People, People Style Watch, Glamour, Cooking Light, Saveur, Food & Wine, (Don’t worry Mr. Adam Rapaport, I have a bon appetit subscription at home), Cosmopolitan, Better Homes & Garden and whatever other cover strikes my fancy. I told you, I don’t discriminate.
By the time I make my way up to the pharmacy, there I am, a basket bulging with all sorts of products and hands filled. I probably look quite ridiculous to everyone, especially the woman at the pharmacy, who was probably the same woman that helped me last time I came in. However, she nicely rings me up, without saying a word, and probably giggles to herself when my prescriptions are the least of my purchases. I then hobble out of the store, hands filled with bags and hurry home. Shamed, I’m sure to keep my eyes forward and not look at any of the items to my left or right. That will be for another trip.
And by the way, I always forget something. As I say often, I have a shopping problem and I blame my mother.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

5 Things

When I decided awhile back that I was going to give this whole blog thing another go, I knew it would be different than the last. The last, being my blog abroad, had a clear purpose and direction. There was something to share, a story to be told, something people were certain to be interested in. Who doesn't love their fair share of England, London, THE ROYALS? Case and point: The Royal Wedding. However, now, this blog is just me, all by my lonesome, navigating my new post college life: my new job, my new apartment, my new friends and my new city. However, I've been at a loss for what to blog about. So I looked to my friends for inspiration: Dani, Emily, Ree, Megan and more for direction. I like to read things that inspire me to do and try different things i.e. recipes from Ree, sparkly nails from Emily, etc. Like they say, I get by with a little help from my friends.

Thus, without further ado, I bring you the very first: my 5 things. A compilation of all the different things I'm loving, enjoying, stumbling upon, doing, you name the verb right now! I'm thinking we might make this a re-occurring installation.

1. DIY Projects: I've elected to become a more crafty person. It began with a simple need to do something with the ba-jillion postcards that I have from my semester abroad. I'm still in the market for ideas, by the way, suggestions welcome! But what I did do, was finally take a few coasters I had brought back and modge-podge them for a permanent feel. However, in the process of modge-podging, I just had to go to Michaels and Jo-Ann fabrics so all sorts of projects were coming to mind. These are two, I'm hoping to do next, all I need to do is find some gold hex nuts (eric: please go through your workroom, ace only has silver) and some used soap pumps (i'm really into mason jars these days so I've already picked up a few)

2. Blogs/Websites: Working as a social media specialist, I'm constantly online. I'm looking at what's going on out there, as of this morning Google+, was blowing my mind. And everyday, there are certain things I'm always checking, my friends, better known as the blogs I follow. They sway all over the pendulum of fashion, cooking, interior design, fitness, photography, DIY and more. Girls gotta have hobbies, right Marni? Here's a few of my current favorites:
  • Cupcakes & Cashmere
  • The Pioneer Woman
  • Apartment Therapy
  • Dear Photograph
  • Not Martha
  • A Blonde Ambition
  • Imagine Design Blog
  • Oh She Glows
  • Confessions of Design Junkie
  • DomestikatedLife

3. The Farmer's Market: If any of you have ever been lucky enough to visit the most magical place on earth, no not Disney Land or World, Madison, Wisconsin, I would be shocked to find you didn't visit the country's largest outdoor farmer's market. I certainly went a few times while I was there and am deeply saddened by the loss of that delicious HOT SPICY CHEESE BREAD, yes, please yell that as the loud men do on Saturday mornings on the square and yes, yes, I know I'm lactose intolerant. I digress... Anyway, while nothing will replace good ole capital square in my heart, the various farmer's market of Chicago have been doing the trick. I've been two farmer's markets this summer: the Green City Market up in Lincoln Park, where I ventured around with one of my clients taking pictures and videos of him as he shopped, & The Museum of Contemporary Art Farmer's Market, which is just around the corner from my apartment on Tuesdays. I was out of berries and greens so I headed over. Lucky me, I was even able to spot some of the delicious grilled cheese you get from the Bunkow Cheese in Wisconsin. Life may not be too bad 2 hrs south of heaven.

Check Out the Beautiful Berries I Picked Up: Blueberry, Tart Cherry & Raspberry
I'm also thinking there has to be something I can do with those adorable turquoise cartons. I'll be saving those.

The cartons are making this a necessary purchase. Here I come, Crate & Barrel.
4. Pinterest: You know, simply pin something your interested in. And as I said before, I've got interests. How many times a day do you see something and think wow, that's cool or wow, I really like that or wow, I need to try that? And how many times 2 days later have you forgotten all about it? Well, forget not. Now I'm saving all those things and organizing them, home sweet home, sweet sayings, bon appetit, style, things I want, if i was craft, and more, on Pinterest. Check out my boards!

5. Beautiful Flowers: Who needs a guy to buy you flowers? I certainly don't and all admit it, yes I know there are those out there who do not (cough marni cough), I love flowers. They immediately brighten up a room both in sight and scent and even brighten up my day. And I know you're thinking, what girl buys their own flowers? This girl. So, I've decided I'm going to start buying myself flowers, plus I enjoy finding new ways to decorate the apartment each week and when you're buying at the Farmer's Market , check me out, they're actually pretty reasonable. Take that, chivalry! (NOTE: I'm a total advocate of chivalry. I firmly believe a guy should ask a girl out first, buy a girl drinks and open the door)