Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I'm a magazine/catalogue person. Always have been, always will be. Find me a good cover story and I'm hooked. I can't just simply sit there and read it in the store. I need to bring it home, relax on the couch, with a pen in hand, just in case anything important appears, and enjoy.

Thus, with a big move on the horizon, the IKEA magazine was no different. However, not only was there a pen but there was a calculator, post its and more. I was determined to enter the real world, become a real person and have a real apartment. Thus, I give you...my apartment, Ikea clad and all. All credits due to Eric Dana Holstein for his construction skills, patience and "this is like putting lipstick on a pig," "are you shitting me?" and "Ugh, ICK-EA" comments, and Barbara Lamkin Holstein, for uhh moral support. Love you mom! I apologize these pictures are not in the order I intended. My coding skills are not what they once were.

NOTE: Men, I live across the street from Playboy. Marni is seeking gainful employment. Kidding!


Hello again to my faithful readers. God only knows why you stumbled back to your good friend Carly's blog but I welcome you anyway.

In case you were expecting a recap of my Life living in the greatest city on earth, London, England, UK, please see carlyonqueue.blogspot.com

Now, hold on to your seats cause...cue the trumpets...COL, Carly On Line, is officially started. While i have no idea what I will be blogging about and you can probably anticipate a HUGE variety of different things, including but not limited to: my daily thoughts, thing's I've stumbled upon, cooking, baking, shopping, design, etc.

For those of you who missed it, or did not read the title of this blog, I've left the most wonderful place (not to be confused with greatest city on earth, for information on the greatest city one earth, see second paragraph), Madison, WI, a college graduate, diploma and all. Although I technically have not received my diploma. But it's coming...I hope! And, I've relocated to Chicago, IL. The windy city, which Eric will be sure to inform you is named for it's politics, rather than it's weather. However, with the window gusts on my window and tornado warnings on TV, I'm not so sure Dad! Anyway, so come along with me, tangents & all, and follow as I discover a new place, join the real world and I guess become a real person.