Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Only 22 Hours Until I'm Done with Madison...for awhile

It only seemed appropriate that I blog today.
Currently: Sitting on my bedroom floor, cause that's the only way my computer can reach the ethernet. Around me, an explosion that resembles my suitcase...somewhere under there. Empty bookshelves, empty desk, empty closet, empty apartment, minus one roommate, whom I'd rather not converse with. Oh, and one very uncomfortable bed. It's a bit barren here.
I'm studying for my last final, History, of course. My least favorite. Learning all about American business. Truthfully, at this point I could care less. Everyone's gone so I'm more than ready to leave as well. Actually had something that might resemble a mental breakdown as I began to look at the last essay question I need to prepare. Did I mention I still haven't finished? Took a break to sign up for my Oyster Card. That was confusing. Thank god this will be my last Wisconsin final...for awhile. Back to studying & see you later 201...i might miss you

P.S. Update on the British Husband front, sorry Mike: After seeing Did you hear about the Morgons, NOT Have you seen the Montana's as B (http://dumbblondies.wordpress.com/) likes to call it, I've decided Hugh Grant might be the perfect selection...or someone just like him, minus the whole prostitution debacle. I have been in love with him since Nine Months, just ask my mom or brother as I've probably made them watch it about a thousand times. Thoughts??

Thursday, December 10, 2009

To Do List

Coming to you live from Humanities 1641: History 247, I'm bored and with exactly 1 month til my departure, 1 week until finals begin, 15 days until a much needed warm vacation and nearly no time before London, I'm finally ready to start writing up my official to do list
(...however, it is definitely going to require some additions--feel free leave me some advice/suggestions!)

Finish Semester
Get Through Finals
Get New Drivers License
Set up International Phone
Upgrade to World Service
Get Pounds
Buy Touristy books at B&N
Call Insurance Company
CVS Type Errands
Get Rachel's Guide to Europe
Call Credit Card Companys
Get approved for courses
Figure out Classes
Purchase Apple Charger Converter
Buy Converters
Get Return Flight
Find out Internship
Find out where I'm living

Sunday, December 6, 2009

4 Hours of Orientation Later

This past Friday was study abroad orientation at Wisconsin. So after 2 hours of general orientation and 2 hours of program specific orientation, what did I learn?

1. different types of malaria drugs have different side effects so you should test them out before you go
2. or not to worry about the blood you are receiving, in case hit by a car
3. or to expect different policies and procedures in the health system of foreign countries
Sooo maybe IAP should have divided up their programs better and not placed London with Kenya, but that's just my opinion.
4. Don't smuggle drugs across countries
5. And if the New York Times hasn't stressed this enough lately, don't commit any crime

On the contrast, the 2nd half seemed to be less of a waste of time.
Both of my Advisors were there so I finally got to place a face with a name, for Arcadia atleast. And, they talked to us about what to expect, how to prepare and about London in general.

Although the orientation got me very excited, through it, I slowly realized just how many thing I need to do before I leave and how little time I have to do them in.
Going to be a stressful and short winter break! 
To do list: coming soon!